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Using the latest technology and workflows, We work with you to produce the information needed. Our surveys are based on non-intrusive methods to collect large amounts of data, in combination with targeted intrusive works. This data is processed, analysed, and interpreted to extract the key information. Trace’s holistic approach allows for a greater understanding of how a structure is built and it’s current condition. 

Why Choose Us

From Start To Finish - Trace Will Be There Alongside You

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To get the most from the survey the team at Trace will interrogate the scope of work and consult with the client to best understand what is required as a deliverable and what information is key.

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Based on the scope and consultation Trace will produce a bespoke survey plan, utilising the best system to collect relevant data. The workflows will designed and validated for each survey.

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Once all the data is collected Trace undertake in depth analysis to determine the key information. This information is distilled into a detailed report with drawings, models, and graphics to clearly present the information to the client.

Client Testimonials

"I was pleased with their level of technical knowledge, and the initial advice we received about selecting the most appropriate survey method. The interpretation provided in the report they produced was extremely helpful."
Jonathan Hudson
“The team's proactive approach and knowledge of state-of-the-art technology made the process seamless. Highly recommend Trace for anyone seeking top of the class surveying services. Kudos to their fantastic team!.”
Joe Punshon
"Trace-si provided accurate and timely reports for reasonable cost and have been willing to assist us in planning more effective data collection, given their skills and experience in the industry. We recommend them highly”.
Jane Roach-Gray

Data offers no value without Trace's interpretation

Trace works to this ideal and all our projects start with client consultations to determine what information is needed from the investigation. We use this to create a bespoke survey scope, collect and analyse data, and provide an information-rich report.